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Cat Whiskers Pencil (Pen) Topper


Cat Whiskers novelty ball-point pen/pencil topper is a special project at Ni Hau. Attention to detail, quality, design, finish, and compliance is ensured to the best of our ability. Ni Hau keeps up to date with the latest fashion and trends, so that a new design such as the Whiskers pencil (pen) topper are always popular with customers globally. Kitty Cat Whiskers novelty pen (pencil topper) topper complies with the latest CPSIA, EN71, ASTM standards.
Material: Polystyrene, Polypropylene, ABS, Acrylic
Features: Unique design, New development, Cute, Trendy, Collectibles, Selfie Novelty
Width 85mm
Depth 14mm
Height 200mm
Available Colours: Black, Pink, White, Assorted – can be customized
Metallic finish
Glitter finish
​Iridescent finish

MOQ: 3000pc/color/design