Portable Hand Soap


Product: Portable Hand Soap Stick
Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 95 mm
Volume: 15g / 0.53 oz
MOQ: 5000 PCS

Ingredients: Tea tree oil, natural surfactant, VITAMIN B3, VITAMIN E, humectant
Use: Portable soap for cleaning and washing hands
How to use: Soak your hands first and turn it out by 0.1 cm. Rub an appropriate amount into your hands until it foams and rinse with water. Put the cap back on after use. Wipe surface dry and put back into your backpack or pocket for the next use!
Note: Do not use it around your eyes; if you feel unwell, stop using it immediately. Frequent use may cause the natural oil on the surface to seap and soften. In this case, it is recommended to air-dry and then cover it.
Storage method: Please keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight
Bottle material is food grade PP, can be refilled.